Creative Humor Writing — Joke Contest

The Humor Power Blog sponsors two humor contests each month.  On the first of the month we announce our Cartoon Caption Contest.  And then mid-month we announce a new Joke Writing Contest.

Celebrity Businesses is a contest theme inspired by Sol Morrison from Santa Barbara.  The challenge is to create imaginary businesses that might be started up or owned by famous celebrities.

It could look something like this:

–  Al Gore opens a Dental Office specializing in extractions:  An Inconvenient Tooth.
–  The Senate Majority Leader opens a woodwind instrument supply store:  Harry’s Reeds.
–  Marie Osmond finds that opening a day-planner business is as easy as pie:  Marie Calendars.

Put on your humor hat and see what you can come up with.  Go for quantity first.  Then edit to work on the quality.  Select your best lines and submit them to by September 30, 2008.