Humor Writing Contest Results — Favorite Entertainment

It time for the results of the Favorite Entertainment joke writing contest.

New Joke Writing Contests are announced mid-month.

New Cartoon Caption Contests are announced on the 1st of each month.

Now…here are the top entries.


Jewelers have fun in the proper setting.
     Martyn Bernstein, Oak Park, Illinois, USA


Arctic explorers love pole dancers.
     Arun Ramkumar, Chennai, India


Blacksmiths like heavy metal.
     Anthony Navarro, Santa Ana, California, USA

HONORABLE MENTION (in random order)

– Cows like the moooovies.
– Packaging machine engineers listen to wrappers.
– Detectives enjoy clue.
– Real estate barons play monopoly.
– Crybabies like whineries.
– Plumbers indulge in pipe dreams.
– Cardiac surgeons play hearts.
– Ditch diggers like spades.
– Golfers like rough and tumble, but only in a fair way.
– Poker players love Full House.
– Cleanliness freaks love soap operas.
– Divorce attorneys love the X-files.
– Undertakes love 6 feet under.
– Geologists love rock concerts.
– Astronauts love Dancing with the stars.
– Cryogenists like ice skating.
– Slackers spend time Hang Gliding.
– Hair Stylists in Sweden take time off to go Curling.
– Belgian Waffle Makers root for The Gridiron Sports.
– Railroad Engineers support All Track Events.
– Burning Man Attendees like to listen to torch singers and watch Firing Line.
– The Gore family loves horror movies.
– Geologists love rock music.
– Plumbers enjoy clog dancing.
– Pretzel makers enjoy doing the twist.
– Morticians vacation in Death Valley.    
– Carpenters like Woody Allen.
– Olympiads like Barnum & Bailey’s 5 Ring Circus.
– Spelling Bee contestants like David Letterman.
– Card players like to draw.
– Historians enjoy all past times.
– Schizophrenics read US Weekly.
– Immigrants do cross country.
– Loners play UNO.
– Politicians study ventriloquism.
– Lawyers play truth or dare.
– Lawyers watch The Moment of Truth.
– Mimes play Charades.
– Contortionists play Twister.
– Matchmakers love fireworks.