Personal Development

A book Review

Personal Development for Smart People is a new book by Steve Pavlina.  He explores seven universal principles that are keys to personal growth.  The book doesn’t tell you what to do, but rather helps you to discover your own truths.

A philosophy in the book is that exposing you to a wide variety of inputs and resources uncovers patterns that you would otherwise not recognize.  This opens your mind to new ways of thinking and doing.

I’ll share a couple of perspectives which I found interesting and valuable: 

About Relationships.
“People who are too different from you are difficult to bond with, and those who are too similar can’t teach you very much.  The best relationships provide enough common ground to form a strong bond while also stimulating growth in new directions.”

About Goal Setting.
“Whenever you consider a new goal, pay attention to the effect it has on your present reality.  Set goals that make you feel powerful, motivated and driven when you focus on them.”

Pavlina recommends that we apply a military battlefield triage system to set our priorities and allocate our precious resources.  I’ve read 50 books on time management and never seen this common-sense approach suggested in the way that he explains it.

About Security.
On security Pavlina points out that “safe” is both an adjective (free from danger) and a noun (a container with a lock).  “If you’re living the adjective, you’re living the noun…don’t trap yourself in a cage of false security.”

“The illusion of security is the primary aim of the false path.”  And he points you to finding your right path. 

It’s a book that I think most people will want to read more than once.  Insightful and practical.  Highly recommended.  You’ll find it on Amazon.