Writing Humor — Joke Contest

Our October Joke Contest is Financial Crisis Book Titles which should be published.  One way to deal with a bad situation is to look at the funny side.

We announce a new Joke Contest mid-month.

And we announce a new Cartoon Caption Contest on the first of the month.

Here are some examples of fictitious book titles on this month’s theme:

Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under the Sea — How To Bail Out a Boat That’s Already Underwater

Lead Parachutes — A Practical Solution to the Financial Crisis

The Mortgage Solution — How to Transfer Home Loan Debt to Your Credit Cards

Put on your Humor Hat and get to work.  Write as many lines as possible.  Rewrite and sharpen your lines.  Select your best ones and submit them to HumorPowerTips@HumorPower.com by October 31, 2008.