Alternative TV — Joke Contest

It’s time for the November Joke Writing Contest.

We announce new joke contests mid-month.

And we announce new Cartoon Caption Contests on the first of the month.

The theme for this month’s joke contest is Alternative TV.  Your challenge is to come up with new takes on existing TV shows, blending two shows together, creating a show that doesn’t exist.  Create the title for the show.  And then create a short TV-Guide-style description of the show.

Here are three examples:

Mission Impossible–To Tell The Truth:  This week teams are challenged to write a political campaign ad.

The Amazing Face:  In this episode a plastic surgeon moves to Beverly Hills.

The Price Is Right:  A behind the scenes look at power and influence in Washington DC.

Write and edit your best humor lines.  And then submit them to by November 30, 2008.