Creative Humor Writing — Cartoon Caption Contest

Here’s our November Cartoon Caption Contest featuring the artwork of professional cartoonist Dan Rosandich.

We announce new caption contests on the first of the month.

New joke contests are announced mid-month.

I wrote a handful of captions as I prepared this post.  Rather than sharing any of them, I’ll leave the interpretation of the cartoon totally up to you.  It’s not clear who the two characters are, where they are, or what the object is that is the center of attention.  Often the humor comes from defining the objects or characters in the drawing.  Challenge yourself to think outside the panel.  See what you can come up with.

Write as many captions as you can.  Set them aside.  The next day write some more new captions.  Sleep on them again.  Then edit and sharpen the humor.  Select your best lines and submit them to by November 15, 2008.

For information on how Dan Rosandich can create custom cartoons for your next special project, book, newsletter, web site, T-Shirt and more, visit Dan’s web site.