Joke Contest Results — Creative Humor Writing

It’s time for the results of the Alternative TV Joke Contest

New Joke Contests are announced mid-month.

And new Cartoon Caption Contests are announced on the first of each month.

Here are this month’s top lines:


Desperate Houseflies:  Animal Planet special explores the perilous lives of suburban houseflies.

     Gary Bachman, Hagerstown, Maryland, USA


Supper Man:  Amazing feats of Culinary speed and power, as the Man of Steel goes up against The Iron Chef for control of the Universe.

     Sol Morrison, Santa Barbara, California, USA


Two and a Half Men Six Feet Under:  The search for half a body continues.

     Gerald Fleischmann, Fountain Valley, California, USA

HONORABLE MENTION (in random order)

  – Star Trek Honeymooners:  Ralph and Alice both go to the Moon.
  – E R Cops:  The city’s finest, doing their best to keep malpractice to a minimum.
  – Survivor of Gilligan’s Island: The Millionaire!
  – 3rd Rock from the Sun:  Manhattan is proved to be the center of the universe.
  – Star Trek M*A*S*H:  Treating space sickness across the galaxy in the 23rd century.
  – The Dukes of Hazzard Meet the Press:  Red necks and yellow journalism get together weekly.
  – House Without A Trace:  Sixty minutes of high powered vacuum cleaner commercials every week.
  – I Love Losers:  All the losing November election candidates compete for Barack Obama’s Senate seat.
  – How I Met Your Mother on The Streets of San Francisco:  A man recounts to his two children how he met their mother on a street corner in San Francisco.
  – Knitting with the Stars:  Celebrities compete to create the most beautiful afghan.
  – Wall Street Blues:  A look at the recent decline in the stock market.
  – Love Boat Wife Swap:  Swingers frolic aboard a luxury cruise ship.
  – Mad About Ewe:  Discovery Channel special explores the life of the sheep herder.
  – Ex-Men:  The ups and downs in the lives of three men who underwent a sex change.
  – The Three Stooges:  An in-depth interview with the CEO’s of GM, Ford, and Chrysler.
  – Green Acres And Ham:  Sam-I-Am down on the Farm, bothering everyone to taste his delicacies.
  – Eater’s  Digest:  On the Cooking Network, this program comes on at end showing just what all that food looks like going thru your Digestive Tract.
  – Two and a Half Men:  A & E Biography on the life of  Al Gore.