Office Humor — Fun In The Workplace

The workplace should not be all work and no play.  To have fun at the office we need to be able to laugh at our mistakes.

Sixteen years ago my marketing director and good friend Connie handled all my speaking booking and correspondence.  We had a second office set up in her home and she handled the administrative end of my business.

In preparing confirmation letters for upcoming engagements, we would include the closing sentence:  “Please sign a copy of this letter of agreement and return to us to confirm the engagement date.”

Of course, Connie would always run the letter through the spell checker to ensure there were no spelling errors.  Once blessed by the spell checker, we knew everything was perfect.  One day a signed letter was returned to us and we discovered that the meeting planner had been instructed to “SING a copy of the letter.”  The meeting planner had SIGNED it, but we always wondered if she also SANG the letter before returning it!

We laughed about that incident for years.  Spell checkers are nice, but we learned first-hand the funny situations which can happen if you totally depend on them.

That reminds me of the ODE TO A SPELL CHECKER by Jerrold H Zar which starts:

Eye halve a spelling check her,
It came with my pea sea.
It plane lee marks four my revue
Miss steaks aye kin knot sea.

As a side note:  I asked Connie (16 years ago) if she would like to enroll in an English class at the local college and that I would pay for the tuition.  Since she had not attended college, she loved the idea.  After she completed the first class, she enrolled herself in another.  And another.  Three years ago Connie received her Masters Degree in English!  I’m sure the Chancellor of the University wanted to SING her diploma!  Congratulations Connie.

Laughing at your mistakes is a positive thing and can lead to wonderful results.