SuperBowl Ads 2009

Going for the buzz without getting Stung

Ads on SuperBowl 43

Bad Buzz:  The cheap joke.  A kick in the groin may be good for a laugh.  But it’s certainly not sophisticated, original or memorable.

Bad Buzz:  The cutsie joke or simple pun.  Again, the easy way out.  Not likely to be talked about at the water cooler

Mixed buzz:  The one-second commercial.  The Super Bowl ad hype is all about BIG.  The game is big.  The ad price tag is big.  The ads are entertaining in a big way.  How about a strategy of Less-is-More?  Play up the fact that you’re going to have a ONE SECOND ad.  They received free publicity and an audience anticipating watching the minimal ads.  The execution was something else.  Did they air a one-second ad?  Did I blink at the wrong time?  I had a TV in the bathroom.  Maybe Less-Got-Missed.

Mixed buzz:  The 3-D Ad.  Again, something different creates buzz.  The 3-D ad publicity was picked up by our local TV News program here in Las Vegas.  They even showed a clip from the commercial.  The glasses were available locally and they were free.  Good buzz if it had delivered.  I’ve seen good 3-D on a TV screen before, but not today.  For sure, I wouldn’t have wanted to watch 30 minutes of it.

Mixed Buzz:  A rejected ad can be both positive and negative.  This year a 30-second PETA ad was rejected for being too sexual.  PETA ads are often on-the-edge, but they’re certainly not the only ads on the airwaves featuring scantily clothed women.  Like a woman in a bikini selling cars makes more sense?  I sometimes suspect that vegetarians make people more uncomfortable than naked people.  Never-the-less, they received a ton of FREE publicity.  It’s like an R-rated movie getting free publicity from a church protest. PETA had lots of people see their ad and it didn’t cost them $3 million for a Super Bowl spot. A positive result from PETA’s viewpoint.  Personally I didn’t find the ad offensive, enticing, or effective.

Good Buzz:  As usual the Humor ads dominated the day’s commercials.  They’ll be remembered and talked about.  Typically 70-80% of the SuperBowl ads feature humor or at least try to make you smile.

Here are some of my favorite SuperBowl 2009 Ads






Bridgestone Tires

Coca Cola