Cartoon Caption Contest Results

Our March Cartoon Caption Contest results are in.  We feature the art of professional cartoonist Dan Rosandich.

The next Cartoon Caption Contest will be announced the first part of April.

Our Joke Writing Contests are announced mid-month.

And here are the results of this month’s contest.


That’s my husband, Patrick. Once a year I let him dress himself.
     Timothy Busam, Cary, North Carolina, USA.


First, it was one of Santa’s elves, now a leprechaun–next you’ll be dating a munchkin in the Lollypop Guild.
     Gary Bachman, Hagerstown, Maryland, USA


Why shouldn’t we follow him for the bailout at the end of the rainbow?  We voted for him, didn’t we!
     Ron DesGroseilliers Jr, Spring Lake, North Carolina, USA

HONORABLE MENTION (in random order)

  – Don’t tell me you can’t remember where you hid the pot of gold!
  – Green beer and Lucky Charms is not the breakfast of Champions.
  – He is the only survivor from the Mayflower. The Indians gave him some concoction that made him immortal.
  – Follow him.  I understand he is now the leader of the Republican party. 
  – I hope following him leads to a pot of gold and not just a box of Lucky Charms.
  – This is my economic bailout plan–following a leprechaun to a pot of gold.
  – I don’t know why he’s smiling–didn’t he lose all his gold by investing it with Bernie Madoff?
  – George thinks leprechauns get lucky more often.
  – Watch out for that guy. He’ll ask you to kiss his Blarney Stone, but it’s more like a Blarney Pebble.
  – I thought I threw that hat out years ago!
  – Every year it’s the same thing! He wears it for Halloween and won’t take if off until after Thanksgiving!
  – I don’t know about this guy promising us a pot of gold, Thelma.  Last time I followed a guy with a story this good, I married Fred and found out Fred’s “whole stash of cash out at the ranch” was a dozen Johnny Cash 8-track tapes on his five-acre chicken farm.
  – Bernie’s a department store Leprechaun for the Shamrock Sale.
  – He thinks wearing green makes him look thinner.
  – I told him that my daughter said to dress up like Barney, not Blarney!
  – If Danny Boy doesn’t find the pot o’ gold soon, he’ll have to say I’m sorry to Rush Limbaugh.
  – Dude, he is like going overboard with the whole Lucky Charm thing.
  – He must be one of the characters in those Pill Grimm’s Fairy Tales.
  – He’s going to buy some lottery tickets. Wearing this costume brings him luck.
  – Stanley didn’t think Casual Dress Day at his bank was business-like at first–but now he can’t wait for Fridays to roll around.
  – This isn’t exactly what I had in mind when I told the boss we needed to “go green.”
  – See what green beer does to ya?
  – I don’t care how good he sounds, don’t go in the bushes with him.
  – So, do you feel richer after you let him kiss you?
  – I can’t believe he actually gave US fashion tips.
  – Why didn’t anyone tell us buckles are in this year?
  – That pilgrim wouldn’t make any progress with me.
  – George really goes all out for St. Patrick’s Day…Green beer, that silly outfit, and enough Lucky Charms to last until Thanksgiving.
  – My husband needs to find a real job…this part time Leprechaun stuff isn’t even paying for the Lucky Charms.
  – I told him, No I don’t want to “play doctor” OR “play pilgrim!”
  – Santa, moonlighting as St. Pat this year?  The economy IS tough!
  – Apologies to John Wayne, but Howdy Pilgrim!
  – Mary, I thought you said today was going to be my LUCKY day?!

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