Creative Humor Writing — Quirky Pet Foods Contest

Another fun contest.  This month’s theme was suggested by Gerald Fleischmann from Fountain Valley, California.  Quirky Pet Foods!

New Joke Contests are announced mid-month.

New Cartoon Caption Contests are announced on the first of the month.

Here are some sample captions on this month’s theme:  Quirky Pet Foods.

Meow Max:  Make your kitty feel 10 feet tall.

Purina Ciao:  The only dog food they’ll need while you’re away on vacation.

Hush Puppies:  What discriminating librarians feed their dogs.

Here are some creative options for coming up with funny lines:

1.  Take a traditional pet food brand and switch one letter to totally change one of the words.

2.  Change one of the words with a word that rhymes with it.

3.  Take a non-pet food product and change it into a pet food.

4.  Look for double meanings of words.

5.  Switch a popular brand for dogs and somehow make it for cats, or the other way around.

6.  You may find the punchline in the tag line you attach to the name of the pet food.

You certainly aren’t limited to these ideas.  There are dozens more ways to twist the language and the mind to come up with something creative and funny.

Put on your humor hat, your comedy cap, your buffoonery beanie, or whatever stimulates your funnybone.  Write as many lines as you can.  Go for numbers.  Sleep on it.  Edit, rewrite, tighten your lines.  Select the best ones and submit them to by March 29, 2009.