Creative Humor Writing — Geo Foods

This month’s contest is suggested by Sol Morrison from Santa Barbara.  The theme is Geo-Foods.

The challenge is to take a geographic name (city, state, country, lake, river, mountain, etc) and link it with a food.  Then add a sub-title to describe the food.

Here are some examples:
Chattanougats:  Candy you’ll want to chew chew. 
Bowling GreenBeans:  Makes a great spare casserole.
PittsBurgers:  You’ll feel like the Man of Steel.
Last Mango in Paris:  The final mango left in a French refrigerator.

Reasons for entering a contest:

1.  For the fun of it.

2.  Stretch your creative skills.

3.  Sharpen your humor skills.  At the core of good humor is the connections that you can make.  Most jokes link two words, thoughts, or ideas that were previously not connected.  Spending time working on a contest sharpens your ability to come up with humorous connections.

What to do:  Write as many Geo-Foods ideas as you can.  Then play with the sub-titles.  Sleep on it.  Edit, rewrite, eliminate the weak lines.  Submit your best lines to by August 30, 2009.