Observational Humor — Case Study #41

Here’s another Observational Humor monologue which is presented in the Reverse Question format.

THE SET-UP (What was said and what happened at the meeting before the monologue was delivered.)

1.  A speaker said you could tell a carnivore from a herbivore by looking at their teeth.

2.  Our Area Governor, Karen Lewison, was present at the meeting.  The joke is that she attends meetings only when we’re serving cake.

3.  A speaker joked about almost falling off a 57-story building under construction.

4.  Frank was wearing a cast and walking with crutches a few months ago because he broke his foot playing Frisbee Golf.

5.  A speaker said she sprained her ankle playing miniature golf.

6.  A speaker said she was weird because she liked to read the dictionary.

7.  A speaker said he was so nervous speaking in public that he was afraid he might wet his pants on a conference call.

8.  Ryan Mulligan, our meeting emcee, was asked how old he was.  The answer was twenty three.

9.  I received my DTM award 29 years ago. 


Tonight I’m going to answer your most burning questions.  I’ll give you the answer first and then read your question:

A:  By looking at her teeth when she smiles.
Q:  How can you tell that Karen Lewison is a cake eater?

(Compared to an herbivore and a carnivore, I’m not sure what a cake eater’s teeth would look like.  But the line worked.)

A:  A great speech.
Q:  What would you have if you fell off the 57th floor?

(A very big laugh.)

A:  Frank breaking his foot playing Frisbee golf.
Q:  What is weirder than spraining your ankle playing miniature golf?
       But less weird than reading the dictionary.

(Good joke on an incident familiar to most of the audience.  And a good topper using a callback.)

A:  Depends.
Q:  What is the key to a good conference call?

(A bit of a subtle joke playing with the double meaning of the word Depends.)

A:  I received my DTM.
Q:  Name something that happened six years before Ryan Mulligan was born.

(An age joke…poking fun at myself.)