Cartoon Caption Contest Results — Creative Humor Writing

And now, the results of our September Cartoon Caption Contest, the Butterfly.  We feature the art of professional cartoonist Dan Rosandich.

New Cartoon Caption Contests are announced at the start of the month.

New Joke Contests are announced mid-month.

Here are this month’s top captions:


My mother was right, you did change after we got married.
     Drew Tarvin, New York, NY, USA


You the hotshot flight instructor?
     Keith Shettle, Dallas, Texas, USA


Are you my fairy Godmoth?
     Nancy Lininger, Camarillo, California, USA

HONORABLE MENTION (in random order)

  – No, those new wings don’t make you look fat.
  – Well you’ve got the ‘Float like a butterfly’ part down, how are you going to learn to ‘sting like a bee?’
  – I told you to stay away from that uranium.
  – So, you obtained the FAA permission.
  – See you in a collector’s collection later, Larry.
  – But what will I tell the children?
  – Those horizontal stripes make you look fat.
  – For the last time, quit blowing our budget on designer clothing!
  – Be careful what you ask for! Maybe you should have been more specific before demanding change.
  – Bet it’s hard to count past four now, isn’t it? 
  – Just what we need Carl, another narcissist.
  – So Murray, you were abducted by this thing you call a cocoon…tell us what happened next.
  – I told you Herold, I’d change you one way or another.
  – So Red Bull really did give you wings.
  – Congrats on your first solo may be a while before I’m ready.
  – What kind of example is that for the kids?
  – Butterfly? You didn’t say anything about changing species when we got married!
  – Butterfly, shmutterfly! The garage still needs cleaning!
  – I’m sorry, I’m watching my weight. I only got out with oleoflies.
  – You are so lucky.  I should have believed in fairies like you did.
  – I’ve no carry-on this time. You were right, that cocoon was too heavy.
  – Damn it Cindy…now what do I do with all your shoes.
  – Sally, you promised you’d never change.
  – So you’ve spread your wings…I suppose you’re leaving.

Dan Rosandich can create custom cartoons for your next special project, book, newsletter, web site, T-Shirt and more!  Visit his web site at