Observational Humor — Case Study #42

Here’s another observational humor monologue presented at the end of a meeting.

THE SET-UP (What was said and what happened during the meeting before the monologue was delivered)

1.  Normally the Observational Humor part of the program is introduced by the Master Evaluator.  When the Observational Humor is complete, the Master Evaluator finishes the overall evaluation of the meeting, and can critique the humor segment, if necessary.  During this meeting, the Master Evaluator closed his part of the meeting and passed control to the Toastmaster of the Evening (the emcee).  The emcee decided to let everyone know that if they shared humor in poor taste that the Observational Humor Master (me) would “smack them.”

2.  Ryan Mulligan gave an outstanding evaluation of a speaker.  The Master Evaluator, after Ryan’s evaluation, noted that Ryan had been in the club only one year.

3.  The theme of the meeting was Training Camp.

4.  John Bernstein, talking about cookies, said that he liked them with “deep relish.”

5.  Someone mentioned the Seven Dwarfs.

6.  Pam Shinkle mentioned that a speaker at another meeting (who was short and bald) “gave up hair and two inches on her.”  Pam often jokes about her height.

7.  A speaker mentioned a Fairy Godmother granting her a wish.


If you get out of line…I’m going to smack you.  (puckering up and delivering a loud kiss in the air)
(A strong opener because it immediately followed the introduction which set up the observational line.  The alternate word meaning (smack) made the joke work.  The physical delivery of the kiss magnified the humor.)

(Ryan Mulligan shared some Observational Humor.)
I’d like to point out that Ryan has been with the club for only one year.
(This line came to me in the moment and surprised me with a very big laugh.)

And now it’s time to answer some of your questions:  (a series of jokes in the Reverse Question format)

A:  The difference between Training Camp and Toastmasters.
Q:  What are Performance Enhancing Drugs?
       They don’t use them at Training Camp.

(I love the topper which makes an unexpected switch.)

A:  A place where you learn more than Training Camp.
Q:  What is Band Camp?
(A line from an old comedy movie.)

A:  With deep relish.
Q:  Most people like their cookies with milk.  How does John Bernstein like them?
(Playing with double word meaning:  Deep relish meaning both “a type of food” and “with passion.”)

A:  The Seven Dwarfs.
Q:  Name a group of men who have less hair and two inches on Pam.
(Pam often jokes about being short and is frequently the butt of short jokes.  I almost never do “short” jokes.  But in this case it was a callback line that I couldn’t resist.)

A:  I can’t remember.
Q:  Your fairy godmother offered to make you either very funny or to have a great memory.  Which did you choose?
(The laughter came before I delivered the “Which did you choose?” and drowned out the line.  Apparently it was an unnecessary line.)