Halloween Cartoon Caption Contest Results

As we approach Halloween, it’s time for the results of our October Cartoon Caption Contest.  We feature the art of Dan Rosandich.

New Joke Contests are announced mid-month.

New Cartoon Caption Contests are announced on the first of the month.

Here are the top lines from our Halloween Cartoon Caption Contest. 

Two of the three top lines come from international readers:


Larry, is that Princess lipstick on your collar?
     Matt Davies, Sydney, NSW, Australia


Do I look like someone who fixes warts?
     Adam Wern, Stockholm, Sweden


Mr Gingrich, I hope we can do this the easy way.  Give me your eye.
     Eric Johnson, Gastonia, North Carolina, USA

HONORABLE MENTION (in random order)

  – Your water-boarding potion is complete Mr Cheney.
  – Pluck it out already!  The recipe clearly calls for one eye of newt.
  – I asked for “Frog for the Soup,” not “Frog in a Suit.”
  – The last time I gave someone this potion, they croaked.
  – I thought I was making you a Hot Toddy, but the recipe actually said Hot Toady.
  – I have been thinking about starting my own restaurant!
  – Just wipe that “malpractice suit” look off your froggy face right now!
  – Don’t complain, or I’ll turn you back into John Kinde!
  – Okay, okay, I’m getting closer…you wanted a leisure suit, right?
  – Which part of “no refunds” didn’t you understand?
  – Take your suit off, I got just the right temperature ready for you!
  – Look at the bright side; now you can win all the Olympic medals in the high jump and long jump categories.
  – Perhaps you misunderstood when I said, “I’ll have you for lunch!”
  – Let’s get this Mother in Law thing understood right now…when I say jump you say how high!
  – Look at it from the bright side, now you’re an endangered species and not even the IRS can mess with you now.
  – What do you think your chances of finding a princess are?  Because I’m starting to crave frog legs.
  – Basically, the job you’re interviewing for is a water temperature tester.   Get in and when it gets too hot, get out. Simple as that.  Now let’s see how you do.
  – That’s the Kermit Extreme Makeover.  For 100 bucks more you can upgrade to Brad Pitt.
  – If I could work magic spells, do you think I’d look like THIS?
  – Sorry, I thought you said you wanted something from London Frog!
  – On the plus side, the green vest matches your face.
  – Let me guess.  You want a refund on the Halloween beauty potion.
  – There’s nothing more I can do here…I’d suggest you see a plastic surgeon.
  – Relax! I’m looking for companionship, not ingredients
  – Yes, Rembrandt did a nice job on my Facebook picture.
  – Stop sweating into the brew, I already added seasoning.
  – What part of “External use only” did you not understand?
  – It’s probably just temporary, but you should see a doctor for incantations lasting more than four hours.
  – This Grimm Business is just not my thing!
  – Are you kidding?  We use frozen.  Fresh eye of newt is $19 a pound.
  – I can’t help you I’m an out of network provider.
  – Wrong house.  The princess lives next door.

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