Joke Writing Contest — Blended Cities

The theme of this month’s contest, Blended Cities, is inspired by Sol Morrison of Santa Barbara.

New Joke Contests are announced mid-month.

New Cartoon Caption Contests are announced on the first of the month.

Your challenge is to combine two city names to create the name of a new community.  We’re not looking for anagrams (a total mixing of the letters) but challenge you to use parts of the city names for your inspiration.  Then take it one step further by adding a sub-title or descriptive punchline. 

Here are three examples:

Tampa and Grand Rapids — Grampa Raps:  Home of Hip Pop
Orlando and Seattle — Land and Sea:  An easily accessible community
Long Beach and Chicago — LongAgo:  A city of fond memories

Put on your humor hat and see what you can come up with.  Submit your three top entries for review of the judges.  You may submit additional entries for possible honorable mention.  Send your lines to by November 30, 2009.