Joke Contest Results — Blended Cities

It’s time for the results of our Blended Cities joke writing contest.  The contest theme was inspired by Sol Morrison of Santa Barbara.

New Joke Contests are announced mid-month.

New Cartoon Caption Contests are announced on the first of the month.

Here are this month’s top lines:


Maryland and Tijuana — Mary-Juana:  A city Bill Clinton visited but didn’t inhaled once while he was there.
     Darin Thompson, Smithfield, Utah, USA


Boulder and Landover — Boulderover: Where to impress that special lady.
     Marty Bernstein, Oak Park, Illinois, USA


Omaha and Oshkosh:  Omikosh: A town of many fantastic surprises.
     Gerald Fleischmann, Fountain Valley, California, USA

HONORABLE MENTION (in random order)

  – Council Bluffs and Anchorage — Courage: The city of bold innovation.
  – Antioch and Reno — The city of Anti-No: So which one is it?
  – Woonsocket and Atomic City — SocketTomi: The home of the Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In museum.
  – Sitka and Compton — SitCom: The town that’s a laugh a minute.
  – Altoona and Birmingham — ToonaHam: The home of new improved mystery meat.
  – Cincinnati and San Fransisco — Sin Sinsisco
  – Topeka and Simi Valley — Peekasimi: Home of annual hide and go seek tournament.
  – DeSoto and Fargo — Sofartogo: A way out of the way town.
  – Lincoln’s New Salem and Winston-Salem — Lincoln’s New Winston-Salem – Honest Abe smoked here.
  – Gerlach and Boise — Boislikegerls: A town steeped in traditional values.
  – Winnemucca and Mystic — Winnamystic: The city famous for its annual guru lottery.
  – Spokane and Boron — Spokabore: Last city that still lacks a Toastmasters club.
  – Tucumcari and Altoona — Twocancarryatoon: More duets per capita than in any other town.
  – Pensacola and Pittsburgh — Burgercola: This town holds Guinness record for eating the most fast food.
  – Pahrump and Goose Bay — Gooseparump: A town where people don’t let anyone get behind them.
  – St Petersburg and St Louis: A Heavenly City
  – Honolulu and Highlands Ranch — Lulu Land: A community of rare Lulu pigeons.
  – Copenhagen and Wellington — Copewell: A tropical city that has disaster plans for blizzards as well as alien invasions.
  – Limerick and Norfolk — Limefolk: Country town where they make (and eat) green cheese.
  – Winnipeg and Wellington — Winwell: A city of good sports.
  – Milwaukee and Baltimore — Waukmore: Where public transportation is your feet.
  – Wichita, Washington DC and Wellesley — Wishingwell: Where your dreams can come true.
  – Bird-in-Hand, Fort Worth, Two Rivers, Indianapolis and Bushland — Birdinhandworthtwoindybush: Come to our town and hold on to your bird!
  – Stinking Bay and Los Banos — Stinking Banos: Avoid this town.
  – Chicago and Baltimore — Gomore: Where Ex-Lax and Feenamint are made.
  – Big Sandy and Bangkok — Big Bang: Carl Sagan’s hometown.
  – Hannibal and Montana City — Hanna Montana: Teens favorite town.
  – Santiago and Climax — Anticlimax: Where to live when it’s over.
  – Minneapolis and Vancouver — Minnevan: The place to buy a family car.
  – Fort Worth and Toronto — Fortonto: Birthplace of The Lone Ranger’s sidekick.