Observational Humor — Case Study #48

Here’s an Observational Humor monologue from a Darren LaCroix humor workshop in Las Vegas.

THE SET-UP (What was said and what happened during the workshop.)

1.  Darren mentioned that he is a very physical, high-energy speaker (which is true).

2.  Darren said that anyone contributing something to the program as an audience volunteer would receive a free CD of the program.

3.  We practiced creating a joke using the rule-of-three to set-up and deliver a punchline.  One joke was:  To motivate people you need sincerity, conviction and a gun.

4.  Darren demonstrated how the punchline tricks the mind, using the classic line:  Take my wife…please.

5.  Darren demonstrated character development in a story by giving one of his female characters the qualities of an Amazon woman.

6.  Darren mentioned that an ex-girlfriend was a teacher of the Law of Attraction.

7.  Darren presented an exercise, half and half:  I’m half French and half German…which means (punchline).

8.  I’m Norwegian heritage.

THE MONOLOGUE (Not delivered due to lack of time.  Remember that 90% of the value is in the creation of the monologue, not in the delivery.)

I know what you’re thinking…Oh no!  Another high-energy speaker.
(Self-deprecation.  I opened by immediately commenting on my contrasting, low-energy style.)

Is that enough to get my free CD?
(A topper and a quick and unexpected callback.)

I have a really funny joke to tell you.  I have a setup.  I have a punchline.  And I have a gun.
(A triple which sets up a punchline which is a callback.)

Take my wife…she’s an Amazon.
(Inserts a callback to switch a classic joke.)

Comedy secret #9.  Do what Darren does.  Surround yourself with people who are good at what they do.
  – His financial advisor is broke.
  – His fitness guru is in intensive care.
  – And his EX-girlfriend teaches the Law of Attraction.
(This is a triple that sets up a callback.  It’s based on the possible dis-connect, not the reality, between an attraction expert being an EX girlfriend.)

I’m half humorist and half Norwegian.  Which means that I’m funny…but you’d never know it.
(Self-deprecation.  I am funny, yes.  But most people would never guess it when first meeting me.)

Watch for the January 1 Ezine which will include an article on how to create “savers” (what to say when a line doesn’t work) based on Observational Humor.  We’ll examine three, original, one-time saver lines created during Darren’s workshop and analyze which is the most sure-fire one to use.  Subscribe to the ezine at www.HumorPower.com.