Cartoon Caption Contest Results — Health Care

We had a lot of fun entries for our January Cartoon Caption Contest.  The cartoon featured professional cartoonist Dan Rosandich.

New Cartoon Caption Contests are announced at the start of the month, alternating months.

New Joke Contests are announced on the first of the month, alternating months.

Here are this month’s top captions:


I was right!  My ex-boyfriend was spineless!

     Carol Sauceda, Santa Barbara, California, USA

Let’s speed it up! The other “Iron Surgeon America” team is almost ready to close.

     Sol  Morrison, Santa Barbara, California, USA


We need to move it along here people.  I just found out our four-some’s tee-time has been moved up 2 hours.

     Tom Higgins, Lyons, Illinois, USA

HONORABLE MENTION (in random order)

  – Do we have time for a goup hug?
  – Simon didn’t say to cut.
  – When did we replace ultrasound with etch-a-sketch?
  – I’m not a nurse, I’m his wife, our health care doesn’t cover four professionals in the operating room!
  – Oh, that reminds me…I gotta pick up some kielbasa on my way home!
  – Well, sure, this “virtual patient” method does have its limits, but at least no one dies!
  – There goes his funny bone.  That’s $200 for me!  Oh, we’re not playing Operation?
  – The Orthopedist clearly said it was the left leg.
  – I thought YOU brought the heart.
  – This is the patient who swallowed 42 quarters last week.  No change yet.
  – Should we charge by the pound to take that out? 
  – Can someone please remind me where the appendix is located?
  – I’m not familiar with the internal organs of a ghost.
  – Who took my copy of “The Dummy’s Guide to Heart Surgery”?
  – I think this “Take Your Daughter To Work Day” can go a little too far.
  – Look! On the backbone: It’s the spine flu!
  – Oh my goodness! The backbone is not connected to the neck bone.
  – This patient’s heart is on the right side!
  – Be careful where you point that.
  – That is one ugly baby!
  – So that’s where I lost my nail clipper last month!
  – Now, I remember.  This is the woman my husband goes to on Thursdays and Fridays for Tango lessons!
  – I don’t know about you guys but I am really craving spaghetti for lunch.
  – Once you get the quarter out, I will rock, paper, scissors you for it.
  – Sometimes I pretend I am Barbara Streisand.
  – This patient is a democrat. We can’t operate, we’re a red state!

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