Cartoon Caption Contest Results — Snowman

It’s time for the top captions in our Snowman Cartoon Caption Contest featuring the artwork of Dan Rosandich.

New Cartoon Caption Contests  are announced at the start of the month (alternating months).

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Here are this month’s cartoon and the results:


He’s not melting, he’s just temperature challenged.
     Scott Knight, Las Vegas, Nevada


Will he melt down first — or the economy?
     Nancy Lininger, Camarillo, California


That reminds me…tonight is the grand finale of The Biggest Loser.
     Darin Thompson, Smithfield, Utah

HONORABLE MENTION (in random order)

  – What’s worse, Rudolph with a runny nose or Frosty with a hot flash?
  – Looks like he could use a chill-pill!
  – He’s like ice cream on a hot summer day, great while it lasts.
  – It’s snow joking matter.
  – Hey we can reuse the carrot!
  – Look, Sis, Frosty’s sweating just like Dad did when Mom told him about her bent fender!
  – That’s just Frosty’s way of saying he doesn’t like global warming!
  – Why is it when all the snowmen Fall, they call it Spring?
  – Naw, he won’t melt — I sprayed sunblock all over him!
  – Guess we’d have to say this is one guy who doesn’t know how to keep his cool!
  – He looks like dad does after he’s been jogging.
  – At least he’s losing weight.
  – Dad said when Frosty is completely melted it will be his turn to start shoveling snow.
  – I think he likes you.  He always melts when you’re around.
  – Frosty’s a much better forecaster than that silly groundhog.
  – He’s had his one day of fame.
  – I wonder what this guy thinks about global warming.
  – He looks the way uncle Marty does after walking up a few stairs.
  – A hair dryer, the bread knife and a tray of ice cubes …quick, we have to operate!
  – His favorite brand of skin cream is Ponds.
  – He’ll make perfect snowballs in about six minutes.
  – He is a big basketball fan, but he doesn’t like the Miami Heat.
  – Before you go, do you mind lending us a few snowballs?
  – So, this traffic cop pulls up, screams “put down the broom!”  And then starts tasering poor Frosty like crazy.
  – Wish I could make my class teacher melt like that.
  – Of course, he’ll be entitled to health care, he’s having trouble with fluid retention. 
  – What a drip!
  – No, he’s not melting, he’s sweating!

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