Humor Contest Results — Celebrity Couples

It’s time for the results of our Celebrity Couples humor contest.  This month’s theme was suggested by Sol Morison from Santa Barbara. 

New Joke Contests    are announced on the first of the month (alternating months).

New Cartoon Caption Contests are announced on the first of the month (alternating months).  The next caption contest is May 1, 2010.

Here are this month’s top lines selected by our panel of ten judges (speakers and improv players):


Peter and Val A. Parker
     Jim Spero, Las Vegas, Nevada


Farrah and Lee K. Fawcett
     Marty Bernstein, Oak Park, Illinois


Harrison and Iona Ford
      Tom Nee, OakLawn, Illinois

Muddy and Delta Waters
     Candace, Crofton, Maryland

HONORABLE MENTION (in random order)
  – Kevin and Maykin Bacon
  – Citizen and Candy Kane
  – Orlando and Rose Bloom
  – Hardy and Ben D. Rhodes
  – Michael and Ima Savage
  – Will and Silver Smith
  – Elton and Onda John
  – Johnny and Anita Cash
  – Steve and Wanda Jobs
  – Bill and Pearl E. Gates
  – Harry and Miss Reid
  – John and Sharon Candy
  – Billy and Candy Graham
  – John and Bambi Deere
  – John and Doe Raimey
  – Barack and Tuscaloosa Al Obama
  – Nicolas and Tiger Cage
  – Kate and Pete Moss
  – Sean and Ivory Combs
  – Brad and Cheri Pitt
  – Brad and Olive Pitt
  – Doris and Valentine Day
  – Charlie and Gus Sheen
  – Dalai and Dolly Lama
  – Dinah and Sandy Shore
  – Lloyd and London Bridges
  – Ansel and Gretel Adams
  – Dick and Daisy Cheney
  – The Wright Brothers and the Wong Sisters
  – Stephen and Bea Stills
  – Diane and Boom Boom Cannon
  – Ernie and Robin Banks
  – Mary J. and Ima Blige
  – Kim and “Ma” Jong-Il
  – Eartha and Etta Kitt
  – George and Sunny Burns
  – Anita and Ginger Cookie Baker
  – Elijah and Ebony Wood
  – Garry and Les S. Moore
  – Eddie and Dee Cantor
  – Pauly and Sandy Shore
  – Isla and Marlin Fisher
  – Norman and “Stonewall” Rockwell
  – Christopher and B. Mia Guest
  – Sheryl and Raven Crow
  – Johnny and Summer Winter
  – Carrot and “Pop” Top
  – Johnny and Penny Cash
  – Dinah and Rocky Shore
  – Paula and A. Prentiss
  – Mickey and Olive Oyl Spillane
  – Wilson and Ivana Pickett
  – Steven and Jonathan Livingston Seagal
  – Gerard and Juan Way
  – William and Bea Holden
  – Kate and River Hudson
  – Max and Woody Planck
  – Lee and Sargeant Majors
  – Willie and April Mays
  – Sid and Viv Vicious
  – Stevie and I. May Wonder
  – Beatrice and King Arthur
  – Drew and Cordie Roy
  – Artie and Rick Shaw
  – Henry and Ivana B. Kissinger
  – Nelson and Ima Riddle
  – Anna and Carmela Kournikova
  – Rhoda and Moe R. Grass
  – LeBron, LeSilver and LeGold James
  – George Roy and Beverly Hill
  – J. Paul and S. “Pa” Getty
  – Teri and C. Garr
  – Charles and Diamond Ringling
  – Ringo and Lucky Starr
  – Tyra and Robin Banks
  – Russell and Juana Crowe
  – Ted and Page Turner
  – Bernie and Sue Mac
  – Michael and Sugar Caine
  – Morgan and Ivana B. Freeman
  – Michelle and Al Obama
  – Tom and River Cruise
  – Tina and Paige Turner
  – Tiger and Twiggy Woods
  – Jamie and Sly Foxx
  – Henry Cabot and Moose Lodge
  – Rev. Jeremiah and Eileen Wright