Observational Humor — Case Study #54

Here is an Observational Humor monologue presented a the end of a club meeting.

THE SET-UP  (What was said and what happened during the meeting before the monologue was delivered.)

1.  It was announced that today was David’s birthday.  David spoke up and said that today was NOT his birthday.

2.  A speaker (from Korea) said that some of the first phrases in English he learned were:  Hi, Bye, Thank You and I’m Hungry.

3.  I noticed that Ryan usually laughed at his own jokes.

4.  Pam said that she hated Three Stooges movies and would only watch one if you Duct-Taped her to a chair.  He partner is Bryant.

5.  Karen said that her first home was built in 1910.  She is one of our senior Toastmasters.

6.  A speaker mentioned the word DYSLEXIA.

7.  Darren sang a few bars of a song, but prefaced his singing with saying that he can’t sing.


March 1 is pick your own birthday day.  The great thing is that you can pick your year. 
(This is a joke with a topper.  The first line creates a non-existent holiday.  The topper plays with people’s desire to pick their own age.)

I perform humor at a Korean school.  I don’t speak Korean, but I know key humor phrases, such as:  Hi, Bye, Thank You and I’m Hungry.
(A good call back of phrases which are not thought of as funny.)

Here’s a humor secret from the Ryan Mulligan School of Humor.  To guarantee that your jokes are funny…laugh at your own punchlines.
(An observation which was good for laugh.  It helps that other people probably noticed the same thing, but they didn’t give it much thought.)

Last week Pam said that she would only watch a Three Stooges movie if you duct-taped her to a chair.  On the way home I stopped at WalMart and saw Bryant buying a Three Stooges DVD and a roll of Duct Tape.

(Of course I didn’t really see Bryant at WalMart.  But the joke implies that Bryant is getting ready for a fun video night at home.)

Karen said that her first home was built in 1910.  I was impressed that for their first home, they would have bought a new one.
(This is a time-released joke which required a larger pause than normal.  It will take the audience time to process the implied joke.  It implies that Karen must be over 120 years old.)

I have a friend who has dyslexia.  He says bad things about Lexus cars.
(DISS-LEXUS.  I wasn’t sure this line would work…but it did.)

Darren told us he can’t sing.  And then he spent 60 seconds proving it.
(Linking the apology with PROVING it.)