Observational Humor — Case Study #56

Many of my posts give you insights into the Observational Humor monologues I present at my Toastmasters Club, PowerHouse Pros.  This post gives you a case study written by Dana Richardson.

During our Observational Humor segment of the meeting, several members share their humorous observations.

What I’ve learned from hearing other people’s observations is that humor is abundant.  I normally present my monologue after everyone else shares their observations.  Rarely does someone use one of my lines before I have the opportunity to speak.  And many of the lines other people present are terrific…the “I wish I had thought of that” kind of lines.  If we had different people attending the meeting, I know that they would come up with even more new and great lines.

Dana Richardson is one of our very funny members who also creates monologues at our meetings.  He recently posted one of them on his blog.

  – You will find his analysis interesting and valuable.
  – Notice his use of a Top-Five list.  It’s an example of using a “vehicle” for structuring humor.
  – I’ve included my monologue from that same meeting.  Notice how it’s totally different from his.  His monologue is also longer, indicating that more things caught his eye than caught mine.

Dana Richardson’s monologue.

My monologue from same meeting.