New Joke Contest — Music On Hold

The theme for this month’s contest, Music On Hold, was suggested by Sol Morrison from Santa Barbara.

New Joke Contests are announced at the start of the month (alternating months).

New Cartoon Caption Contests are announced at the start of the month (alternating months).  The next Cartoon Caption Contest will be announced November 1, 2010.

Your challenge this month is to name a company or business and then decide what would be the perfect “music on hold” for their voice mail system.

Here are some examples:

Plumber:  Cry Me a River.
Arrow Shirts:  I’m Too Sexy For My Shirt.
A dating agency to help women find men:  It’s Raining Men.
US Treasury Department:  Money, Money, Money.

Create as many lines as you can.  Your first three lines will be considered for Top-Three recognition.  Lines submitted beyond your first three will be eligible for Honorable Mention.  Please submit your entries by October 15, 2010.  Send them to