Observational Humor — Case Study #62

Here’s an analysis of another Observational Humor monologue.

THE SET-UP (What was said and what happened during the meeting before the Observational Humor monologue was delivered.

1.  Jeffrey was a guest at the meeting.  When he was introduced he was congratulated for having the courage to sit in the front row.

2.  Ben Klink, our club president, arrived late and missed the opening part of the meeting.  Club officer Ryan Mulligan filled in for him.

3.  Speaker Al Jensen wore an extremely flashy coat.

4.  In that day’s news was the closure of the Liberace Museum.

5.  Speaker Barbel referred to the fact that 30 years ago “she was hot!”

6.  A speaker mentioned losing weight using ankle weights when going to bed.


Jeffrey, I hope you enjoyed sitting in the front row.  It’s now time for the Observational Humor part of the meeting…so we’re ready to pass out the plastic sheets.
(The joke implies that the Observational Humor part of the meeting gets wild, like a Gallagher program.)

Ben, since you were late to the meeting…we gave you a Mulligan.
(Using a reference from golf where a person gets a second chance by taking a “mulligan.”)

Al Jensen’s wardrobe was made possible by this morning’s closing of the Liberace Museum.
(Al’s coat was an obvious target for humor.  Connecting it to the day’s news was effective.  Big laugh.)

Barbel, you and I should have met 30 years ago…when we were both hot.
(Self-deprecation.  Implies that I’m no longer hot.)

Going to bed with ankle weights is like sleeping with a Bar Bell.  Which is always good for losing two pounds.
(Use of name play and a sound-alike word, Bar Bell and Barbel.  The joke which proceeded it [thirty years ago] was part of the set up by using her name.  Huge laugh.  The laugh was so big, I forgot to deliver the topper.)