Writing a Blog or a Newsletter

There are many good reasons to write a blog or a newsletter.

1.  Commitment.  Once you set your blog or newsletter in motion, you have deadlines to meet.  Whether it’s once a week or once a month, you have a target date which gives you a push to write an article.  I’ve written over 400 articles and posts the past five years.  Without the structured deadline of my blog and newsletter, that would have never happened.

2.  Stretch yourself.  It’s amazing how the stream of articles never ends. The first dozen or so come easily.  And then you “run out of ideas” to write about.  But that dry spell is only temporary.  You’ll probably amaze yourself with the creative new-article ideas that will come to you.  Some seem to come out of nowhere.  Some are an extension or re-write of an old article.  Some ideas are stimulated by your readers. 

3.  Flexibility.  Based on your creative flow or time availability, you can always change your editorial calendar…increasing or decreasing your writing commitment.  Last year I decided to cut back on my writing.  I went from two newsletters a month and a blog post every four days, to one newsletter a month and a blog post every seven days.  That is a reduction of about one article a week.  But the reduced schedule still gives me a challenge to keep creating new insights to share with readers.

4.  Easier than you think.  Learning to format and publish a blog is not difficult.  Like anything else, there is a learning curve.  Your first few posts will take a little more time than subsequent ones.  When I first started my newsletter, I managed my mailing lists manually.  When I hit 1600 subscribers, I switched to a hosted list service.  My subscriber list is now 5400.  If I had it to do over, I would have switched sooner.  The company that hosts my list is very affordable and provides great service.

5.  An investment.  In time, your efforts to produce a blog and newsletter will create a bank of articles which could be turned into a book.  I’ve written nearly 1500 pages of humor related articles.  It also gives you a data base for creating articles for print magazines and internet related publications.

6.  Networking.  The result of your efforts is good business and social connections.  I’ve made friends worldwide as a result of my writing. 

7.  Take action.  If you’ve been considering starting a blog or newsletter, why wait?  Today would be a great day to commit to putting your ideas to work to stimulate your creativity, build a network, and to share your knowledge with others.