Humor Book Reviews

I recently read two great books on humor, and I recommend them both to you.  Born Standing Up, by Steve Martin; and Growing Up Laughing, by Marlo Thomas.

Both books are inspirational, funny and touching.  And they are both a reminder of how “overnight success” is usually preceded by twenty years of hard work.

Born Standing Up gives us a look into the mind of a humor master. 

One of the insights he shares:  “I believed it was important to be funny now, while the audience was watching, but it was also important to be funny later, when the audience was home and thinking about it.  I didn’t worry a bit if I got no response, as long as I believed it had enough strangeness to linger.”

Jerry Seinfeld described Born Standing Up as “one of the best books about comedy and being a comedian ever written.”

Growing Up Laughing shares not only the wisdom of Marlo Thomas, but also is filled with interviews of top people in the comedy business:  Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Cosby, Alan Alda, Joan Rivers, Robin Williams, and many more.

Marlo shares:  “Stand up comedy doesn’t require value judgments… it’s all about the score.  You get laughs or you don’t.”  Unlike giving a motivational speech, where you can believe people are being motivated, when you’re presenting humor, either you’re funny or you’re not.  The feedback is black and white.

Both the books are engaging, fun to read, and filled with insights that will help you understand the art and science of humor.

These links will take you to Amazon.  Born Standing Up, by Steve Martin.  Growing Up Laughing, by Marlo Thomas.