Cartoon Caption Contest Results

It’s time for the results of our January Cartoon Caption Contest.  We feature the art of professional cartoonist Dan Rosandich.

New Cartoon Caption Contests are announced at the start of the month (alternating months).

New Joke Contests are announced at the start of the month (alternating months).   The next Joke Contest is February 1, 2011.

Here are the top entries selected by our panel of nine judges (speakers and improv players).


As you can clearly see there’s no extra income for an allowance increase at this time.
     Sandy Kampner, Evergreen Park, Illinois, USA


Nice try Marsha, but this is a Spanish lesson.
     Les Harden, Brisbane, Australia


This is like a check book:  The bottom part is what you think you have, and the top part is what the bank says you have.
     Jim Nott, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

HONORABLE MENTION (in random order)

  – I don’t care if you are practicing Lawyer Billing. Give me the straight answer.
  – I’m really not a math teacher, I just play one on TV.
  – Only Congress is allowed to add things up like this!
  – Of course you’ll use this in real life.
  – What’s long division?  You didn’t bring your calculator?
  – An additional numerator gets you closer to completing your denominator.
  – It’s as easy as wearing color coordinated outfits.
  – This is the number of pounds I gained during the holidays this year…divided by how many days I have left to lose those pounds before next year’s holiday season.
  – It really depends how you look at it, doesn’t it?
  – Do what I always do with a toughie like that; first, roll up your sleeves…
  – Oh, I’d say it’s 0.98367346939.  Of course, that’s just an estimate.
  – Yes, it has to be a rational number.  What’s irrational is that you think I’d know it.
  – Long division doesn’t refer to the process, but rather, the face on its solver.
  – Add four more to the numerator and I think I can tackle it.
  – So try to visualize an example: Say you own 245 chickens, and they find 234 worms and then find 7 more; how many will each chicken eat if they are all sharing?

  – I’ll admit that Kindergarten Calculus can be a bit intimidating.
  – The answer is your new smart phone password.
  – The quadratic sum of the two numbers divided by the square root of the mean, subtracted by the exponential derivative and you would be right, HOWEVER in this case you are wrong!
  – It’s an imaginary number, like the amount of time you spend on math homework.
  – When you’re dealt five low cards you’ll always beat the dealer.
  – No, you can’t have multiple choice.
  – Even though your mother says, “women are always right,” it’s still wrong!
  – Of course boys think girl mathematicians are sexy.
  – That’s my phone number; it’s a party line.
  – Yes, that’s one way to write your phone number.
  – So, if you have 234 apples and you add 7 apples, and then you divide by 245 oranges, how many bananas do you have?

Visit cartoonist Dan Rosandich who has an extensive and in depth archive of categorized cartoons and cartoon pictures available for licensing at negotiable fees.