Super Bowl Ads Commercials

Super Bowl ads are an event almost as big as the game itself.  Some people take their bathroom breaks during the game so they don’t miss the commercials!

At a $3,000,000 price tag for a 30-second spot, you want your ad to hit the mark.

  – You want people to anticipate watching your ad.  It needs to be entertaining.
  – You want the ad to be memorable.
  – You want people to talk about it afterward.  You want the ad to be viral.

Great humor helps deliver all three.

In recent years, about 80 percent of ads during the Super Bowl have been humor-themed.  And almost always, all of the top-ten ads have featured humor.  In this year’s ad line up 81 percent of ads were humor-themed (factoring out movie promotional ads).

I would assume that the advertisers who bought the most ads on this year’s Super Bowl (Budweiser, Chevrolet, Doritos, Pepsi, Coke, Bridgestone, GoDaddy) and regular advertisers in past years (Career Builder, ETrade) would know about the value of their advertising dollar.  Those advertisers bought over 20 ads this year and all of them had humor themes.   Humor sells.

Common humor themes are:
  – Parties
  – Animals
  – Children and babies
  – And of course the occasional kick-in-the-groin (not my favorite humor vehicle).

Two humor ads which I liked were not rated high on the USA Today popularity list.  They both use a vehicle of “lists” with an “act-out” (a comedy technique where you present a humorous statement and then act it out).  The first one is the Car Max ad #38 on the USA Today list (link provided below).  The list is built on the statement, “I feel like BLANK.”   Each item on the list is followed by an act out.  It’s one of my favorite ads.  The other ad was Cars.Com #21.  The list is built on the theme of “let others go first,” and is a list of humor situations.  I like it.

Another technique I like is when an ad uses a topper.  Just when the commercial appears to be over, another joke based on the theme sneaks up on you.  For an example, see Cars.Com #49.

Link to view Super Bowl ads on USA Today web site.