Game Time

Jeremy Webster, a talented member of our Las Vegas improv troupe, is a Game Master.  He has dozens of fun games and we can always count on him to add a spark to a party.  The right game is a sure-fire way to add laughter to an event.  I asked him what are some of his favorite games.   Here are a few, along with his comments:
1.  Mad Gab:  Great for wordy people and people who are good listeners.  (John’s note:  An easy-to-play game around a dinner table at a restaurant.  We played it at Applebee’s after an improv show.  It’s a cryptic, phoenetic, phrase-pronunciation game.  Not easy to describe, but fun to play.  It’s easy to play the game sprinkled around dinner conversation, ordering, serving and eating.  We just pass the deck around, no winners, no losers.)

2.  Liar’s Dice:  Learned it from Pirates of the Carribean second movie…har, har, harr!

3.  Catch Phrase:  Get people to say the word on the card.  Interesting to see how they get people to arrive at the answer.

4.  Cranium (Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary, Acting, Charades, drawing, sculpting, word smithing.  Uses many different intelligences.  Great party game.

Thanks to Jeremy for sharing.