Using Humor From the Platform

I enjoyed a tele-seminar by Brad Montgomery today.  He shared many excellent, practical tips for using humor from the platform.  Brad is a successful professional speaker, a funny guy, and a great teacher.  Here are a few of his suggestions:

1.  The main goal when using humor is not getting laughs; the goal is making a connection with the audience.

2.  If you wonder if you’re crossing the line of good taste, you’re too close to the line.  If you can even see the line, you’re totally in the wrong neighborhood.

3.  Borderline material which may be OK in the moment, two weeks later will cause you problems because people won’t remember the context.

4.  Brad talked about how it can be difficult using humor during a period of crisis.  He suggests getting permission from the audience to use humor.  “It seems strange that we’ll be laughing.  Would it be OK to take a break and laugh a little, knowing that it means no disrespect to the current situation?”

5.  When delivering some off-color humor used by professions that deal with stress:  “I’ve heard some of your jokes…but that’s how you survive, isn’t it?”  In preparation for the program to a medical audience, ask some key people:  “What are some things you’d say to each other that you wouldn’t say to a patient.”  You’ll tap into some of the humor they use as a coping tool.

Here’s a link for humor resources.

And here’s Brad’s web site.