A PHOTO Caption Contest

A caption contest using a picture with some photo editing to customize it.  What a great idea.  It comes from Brad Montgomery’s blog, Laugh-O-Nomics.   Brad, a funny guy and humor pro,  inserts a photo of himself into the Royal Wedding.

Here is the caption I wrote for the photo.

“Why not?  The line is shorter than the one for wedding cake.”

The joke is driven by an implied punchline.  He’s waiting for a kiss (the unstated punchline).  The reader also has a choice.  “Waiting for a kiss from Princess Kate.”  OR “Waiting for a kiss from Prince William.”  They’ll pick what is funniest for them, making it a safe joke.  The superiority theory is working here.  The reader is allowed to “get the joke” by creating the punchline in their head.  If the joke doesn’t make sense to them, they still feel superior because they think the author of the joke (me) is stupid for writing a bad joke!  It’s a joke with no risk.