Joke Contest Results — Crime and Punishment

Here are the results of this month’s joke contest–Crime and Punishment.  Our panel of ten judges picked our top lines.

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If a person is caught stealing from a library, the judge will throw the book at him.
     Tom Nee, Oak Lawn, Illinois


An electrician who continually wired short circuits would be grounded.
     Gerald Fleischmann, Fountain Valley, California.


A person wearing their pants too low would be sentenced to 90 days in a crack house.
     Darin Thompson, Smithfield, Utah

HONORABLE MENTION (in random order)
  – If you are a mobile phone addict, you are confined to a cell.
  – Stockbrokers giving bad advice need the stockade.
  – If you can’t do the hokey, you spend time in the pokey.
  – A cook who burnt the Thanksgiving turkey would have to eat crow.
  – An unconvincing mime would have to serve time in a real box.
  – A chef whose souffle fell would have egg on his face.
  – A curmudgeonly chiropractor would get an attitude adjustment.
  – A lousy chess player would lose his mate.
  – A songwriter who never had a hit was forced to decompose.
  – A hungry scuba diver would have to sink for his supper.
  – Bad record-keepers will defiled.
  – Clumsy ballet dancers will be disgraced.
  – Small minded thinkers will be belittled.
  – Anyone caught stowing away on an airplane would be given a parachute and sent down.
  – A person disparaging the talents of a mixologist would serve time behind bars.
  – Politicians convicted of misconduct would be sent to the big house.
  – People who make fun of professional wrestlers would spend time on The Rock.
  – A teen caught wearing his pants so low that his underwear shows would be remanded into the custody of the fashion police.
  – A bully who gives others a hard time would serve hard time.
  – A person who behaves like a pig would spend time in the pen.
  – Those convicted of marijuana possession would serve time in the joint.
  – A person caught polluting would be sent up the river.
  – Teens who do not clean up their rooms would be put away.
  – Anyone who shuts a door too loudly will be thrown into the slammer.
  – A football player was accused of using stolen wig for football, and convicted of tress-passing.
  – The driver convicted of a u-turn had his conviction reversed by an appeals court.
  – A crooked real estate agent spent time in the big house.
  – A one-armed bandit in Las Vegas was convicted of taking money from gamblers. It was sentenced to community service of cleaning craps tables until it was 21.
  – In one case, the lawbreaker spread grease and dirt where he broke the law.   The judge cautioned the jury to make sure the punishment fit the grime.
  – A bad vocalist was sentenced to time in Sing Sing.
  – A pie thief was sentenced for disturbing the piece. He had previous convictions:  He ruined a garden and was convicted of disturbing the peas, and in Georgia, he drove through a farm and was accused of disturbing the peach.  He was also known to make his own pies and dropped them off unannounced at friends’ houses. He had a conviction for baking and entering because of this.
  – A crooked barge operator was sent up the river.
  – When the Mount Rushmore sculptor chipped away too much rock from one of the faces, he faced monumental charges.
  – John Kinde’s contest panel was sentenced to judging bad jokes.
The Air Force pilot with a wig was accused of carpet bombing.
  – A butcher convicted of stabbing someone was able to present evidence that he did not commit the crime. His sentence was cut.
  – A drug addict convicted of stealing narcotic tablets was placed in a pillory.
  – An actor who couldn’t remember his dialogue was sentenced to wear a uniform with lines on it.
  – An impersonator was sentenced to double time.
  – In court, the juvenile delinquent claimed he was just kidding.
  – A man opened his flashlight and flung the power cells at a victim. He was convicted of assault with battery.
  – A nylon thief was caught. He went to confession and was instructed to pray the hosiery 25 times.
  – A college student found guilty of unintentional poisoning with plant material and was sentenced to horticulture class at an Ivy League school.
  – A bowler was accused of striking another bowler.  He was convicted and sentenced to spare time, to be split between two jails.