Observational Humor — Case Study #72

We installed our new club officers at our PowerHouse Pros meeting this week.  Our Area Governor, Valerie Harper, led the installation.  It was a lengthy meeting with four speakers.  Two of the speakers gave longer, advanced-manual speeches.  The installation ceremony was scheduled at the end of the meeting, which meant that the meeting ran 30 minutes past our normal closing time.  The Area Governor did a thorough job recognizing each incoming officer, providing a detailed description of each position’s responsibilities from her script.  Everyone knew the meeting was running long.  A couple of people, with prior commitments, slipped out the side door before the installation was complete.  After installing the first six officers, she was ready to install the President, the last officer.  “And finally we have Ryan Mulligan…”  Ryan interrupted with, “I agree to do all the things you have written on that sheet of paper!”  A huge laugh.  It was the perfect observational humor line to relieve the tension created by running late.  It was the funniest line of the night.