Joke Contest — Disease Definitions

The theme for this month’s contest is:  Disease Definitions.

New Joke Contests are announced at the start of the month (alternating months).

New Cartoon Caption Contests are announced at the start of the month (alternating months).  The next Cartoon Caption Contest will be announced September 1, 2011.

Your challenge is to make up a new disease which describes some quality or behavior you see in everyday life.  You should include a name for the disease and a description.  You could include the symptoms or the cure.  You could describe how the disease is acquired.

Here’s an example:

Partisan Politics Disease (also known as PP Disease) — Highly-contagious and most easily contracted in Washington DC.  Symptoms:  The urge to vote the party line without using common sense.

See what you can come up with.  Submit your top three lines to by August 20, 2011.  To be eligible for our top three recognition, also submit your Name, City and State.