A Special Friend

You probably recognize the name of Pam Shinkle.  I’ve written about her often in my blog posts.  Pam died unexpectedly at her home in Las Vegas earlier this week.  She was a member of our PowerHouse Pros Toastmasters club.  She attended our meeting last week.

Pam had a great sense of humor.  She shared with me at the Toastmasters International Convention, at Bally’s Las Vegas, in August:  “I introduced myself to someone as Pam.  They asked me what my last name was.  I told them Shinkle.  They asked, ‘From the PowerHouse Pros club?  John Kinde writes about you on his website.  You’re famous!'” Pam got a kick out of that.  We both laughed.

The truth is that Pam IS famous.  She was very well-known and loved in District 33 and beyond.  She was active on our club board and had recently qualified for the District 33 Speech Evaluation Contest in Fresno this November. 

Pam was a positive person, always extending a helping hand.  And she was my go-to person whenever I had a question about Toastmasters.  Pam was a regular player in our speakers’ poker group.  She was an all-around fun person to spend time with.

Pam reminds me of a Christopher Reeve quote:  “The essence of life is our relationships.”  Pam added smiles to my life.  I’ll miss her.