Humor Specialty Clubs


Humor Specialty Clubs

Here’s a list of clubs which specialize in humor.  To find up-to-date club contact and location information I’ve provided a link to the club-finder page at Toastmasters International at the end of the list. 

Each club is a good source of information for adding humor to your next club meeting.

Comedy Club, Minneapolis, MN
Comedy Club Eh!  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Funny Bones Toastmasters, Culver City, CA
Humor and Drama Toastmasters, Cambridge, MA
HumorMasters, Anaheim, CA
Humor Mill Toastmasters, Minneapolis, MN
Humorous Toastmasters, New York, NY
Humor-Us Club, Rochester, MN
Laughing Matters, Austin, TX
LaughLovers Comedy Club, Oakland, CA
Love of Laughter Club, Brookfield, WI
Seriously Funny Toastmasters, Bellevue, WA
The Comedy Shack, Plantation, FL
Wit Pleasure Advanced Toastmasters Club, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Find current club meeting and contact information at: