Thinking Like a Tourist

I remember hearing of someone who lived in New York City and had never been to the Statue of Liberty.  They could see the statue from their apartment window.  I can relate to that.

I lived in the San Francisco bay area for twelve years.  During that time, I never took a ride on a Cable Car.  My first Cable Car ride was on a return trip as a tourist after I had moved to Missouri.

To add interest and diversity to your life I recommend thinking like a tourist.  It will open your eyes to new adventures in your own home town. 

I’ve lived in Las Vegas for the past eleven years.  I love it here.  There’s so much to do.  But you have to think like a tourist.  If you don’t, you’ll spend your life in your living room watching TV.

Getting out of the house for new experiences is a great way to stimulate your humor skills.  Living out of the box helps you develop the habit of seeing things from a different perspective.  The ability to see things differently is a key to creating your own jokes.

Make a list of places to see which you’d visit if you were in your city on vacation.  In addition to sharpening your humor skills, it will make you a better conversationalist.  It will make you a better tour guide when your friends come to visit.  It will help you get more enjoyment out of life.

How to you become familiar with the tourist destinations? 

Your out-of-town friends.  Make a note of where your friends go when they are visiting your city. 

Visitors bureau.  Get a tourism press kit from your Chamber of Commerce.

Local publications.  Watch the around-town section of your local newspaper. 

At work.  On Monday, listen to water-cooler conversation.  Notice what other people did on the weekend. 

Getting your hair done.  Pick the brain of your hair stylist the next time you’re spending time in the chair.  Or your manicurist.  Or other service provider that has time to chat while working.

Watch for special events.  For example if there is a Magician’s convention in town, on one or two nights there is likely a stage show which is open to the public.  Many of the conventions hold the best seats to their shows for the general public.  On stage, a performing magician would prefer that the front rows be filled with non-magicians.  Lay people tend to be more impressed and appreciative than people in the magic business who have seen it all.  I’ve attended show-night for several different conventions.  For example, the World Salsa Dance Competition.  I happened to see it on the television news, and that night I was in the audience.

Other events.  Museums, outdoor movies, film festivals concerts, river and lake cruises, renaissance fairs, civic theaters, food festivals, county fairs, and more.  Make a special effort to attend something that you’ve known about for years, but which you have never had the time to go attend.    

Enrich your life.  Broaden your perspective.  Learn to think more creatively.  Have fun.  Life awaits you.  Don’t let it pass you by.