Add Humor to a Club Meeting — Five More Ways

Five more ways to add Humor to your club meetings.

1.  Theme.  Every club meeting should have a theme.  It gives a structure for building humor, even if the theme itself isn’t humorous.  Structure is a critical humor building block.

2.  Build-A-Joke Session.  This might be an exercise where members practice the Rule-Of- Three.  Or they could be assigned two random words and be asked to create a joke using the two words, looking for a funny connection.

3.  An Opening Cheer.  The Laughing Matters club in Austin TX opens its meetings with a cheer:  “Welcome to Laughing Matters, where laughing really matters!”  A cheer can be a fun way to jump-start the meeting’s energy.

4.  New Role Titles.  Many humor clubs invent new titles for people responsible for agenda items.  For example, the Toastmaster of the Meeting may be called:  The Master of Ceremonies, The Emcee, or The Ringmaster.

5.  Incubator.  Joan Miller, Wit Pleasure Toastmasters in Calgary, shares a brainstorming technique:  We’ve added a new feature called Humor Incubator.  People bring portions of speeches they are working on and we help brainstorm and add humor.  Other times, for Humor Incubator, we split into groups, are given a topic, then brainstorm it into a humorous short speech to be given by one of the group members on that day.  This is like a group table topics but with a bit more preparation.

Try adding just one of these ideas to stimulate the positive energy of your club meetings.