Building on Success

Here are some thoughts on taking a thriving club and keeping the momentum.  These ideas come from members of successful Humor Specialty clubs.

Innovation.  When you have a successful club going…keep building on your success.  “Don’t be predictable!  Keep it interesting,” advises Kurt Penner, Comedy Club Eh! Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  Experiment and try new ideas which fit into the club meeting format and support the goals of your club.

A Guest Magnet.  Generate so much positive energy and laughter at a meeting that guests will spread the word that your club meeting is THE place to be.  It’s also the best way to keep current members engaged and coming back.  Randy Garcez, HumorMasters, Anaheim, CA, shares that “we commonly have a guest speaker who educates us on a variety of humor topics, such as: How to create an original joke, incorporating magic into your speech, using humor in the workplace.”  A guest speaker is a great way to add a spark to your regular meetings and help ensure that guests will want to return.

Open House.  Create a special meeting to share value and showcase your club to the community.  Special workshops on adding humor to a speech, improv skills, or observational humor are popular.  It’s a strategic way to recruit new members.  Promote the event well.  Try to have a full-house, standing room only.  Success builds on success.

Joint Meetings.  Invite another club to join your club meeting or commit your members to travel to another club’s meeting.  The larger audience energizes the laughter at the meeting and spreads the word about both clubs.  Most of the meetings of Comedy Club Eh! are joint meetings.  They call themselves the only Travelling Comedy Toastmasters Club in Canada!

Field Trips.  Take your club to a non-Toastmasters event which relates to humor. Visit a comedy club.  Perform on an Open-Mike stage.  Attend an improv workshop.  Go to a funny movie.  After the event, meet for coffee or dessert and discuss what you learned about humor.


If your local area doesn’t have a Humor Specialty Club, and you wish it did, you’re the ideal person to start laying the foundation for a new club.  Talk it up.  Start building a list of humor-minded people.  Develop a strong structure that adds value and fun to a member’s life.  And when you get a good thing going…maintain the energy to keep it thriving.  You’ll become a more powerful speaker and you’ll enrich your life.