Cartoon Caption Contest Results

Here are the results of the November Cartoon Caption Contest, featuring the artwork of professional cartoonist Dan Rosandich.

New Cartoon Caption Contests are announced at the start of the month (alternating months).

New Joke Contests are announced at the start of the month (alternating months).  The next Joke Contest is December 1, 2011.

Here is the cartoon:


First question:  What color is your wife’s dress?
     Tom Nee, Oak Lawn, Illinois


So, Helen, you’d also like him to wear blinders that limit his vision to just from the neck up?
      Gerald Fleischmann, Fountain Valley, California


And then we’ll remove the right side blinder and see if communication improves.
     Sandy Kampner, Evergreen Park, Illinois

HONORABLE MENTION (in random order)

  – Like a leg cast, Mr. Gander, we can remove them as soon as your eyes just “set” properly.
  – But now you say you’re having dreams of Susie wearing a saddle?
  – You seem to communicate well; your wife talks and you pretend to listen.
  – She says I never “focus” on our conversations.
  – Is everyone staring at me?
  – Please! Don’t give my wife any ideas.
  – Your wife complains that you have tunnel vision.
  – You really didn’t have to put those on here, Mr. John Doe.
  – No, Horace, I don’t think your chances of running at Santa Anita have improved.
  – And do you feel you’re making progress, Pony…I mean, Tony?
  – They automatically close during football season.
  – That’s not what I meant when I advised you to go straight.
  – Mr. Jones, you of all people should not accuse my of talking out of both sides of my mouth.
  – First we’ll try to cure his powder blue suit fetish.
  – As I was saying Fred…Fred, I’m over here.
  – Mr. Jones, I’ve got good news and bad news.  The bad news is we had to fire your marriage counselor for misconduct.  The good news is, the blinders he gave you work so well, you didn’t see he was having an affair with your wife.
  – Your blinders must be working.  I said bring your mistress, not your wife.
  – You just don’t see it, do you.

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