22 Humor Techniques from Politics

With the caucus and primary events coming soon, let’s reflect on the wonderful humor lessons provided by our politicians:

1.  The Obama Technique.  Don’t waste your time creating “second term” jokes.

2.  The Gingrich Technique.  Start by preparing a humorous concession speech.

3.  The Mitt Romney Technique.  Look for ways to make fun of other people’s first names.

4.  The Cheney Technique.  If someone fails to laugh at your jokes, claim you shot him by accident.

5.  The Rick Perry Technique.  Just speak and you’ll naturally say something funny.

6.  The Bill Clinton Technique.  Insist that, “I did not laugh with that woman.”

7.  The Hillary Clinton Technique.  When it comes to humor in your house, wear the pants.

8.  The Ron Paul Technique.  Laugh at your own jokes.

9.  The Herman Cain Technique.  When a joke fails, say with a straight face, “I have never told a joke.”

10.  The Jon Huntsman Technique.  Only one percent will realize you told a joke.

11.  The Nancy Pelosi Technique.  Drive home your jokes with the power of facial expression.

12.  The Joe Biden Technique.  Learn to tell jokes with your foot in your mouth.

13.  The John Boehner Technique.  If you write a joke which you love, but the President likes it too, never use it.

14.  The Michele Bachmann Technique.  In a marriage, the woman should deliver the punch lines…the husband should be the straight man.

15.  The Reagan Technique:  Say “Well,” and pause until you think of something funny.

16.  The Bush Technique.  Remember that neither 41 nor 43 are especially funny numbers.

17.  The Nixon Technique.  If people don’t laugh at your jokes, say “I am not a comedian.”

18.  The Ford Technique.  If all else fails, fall flat on your face.

19.  The Jimmy Carter Technique.  Realize that although people will not immediately laugh at your jokes…Years later they will appreciate you.

20.  The Kennedy Technique.  Use clever similes, like:  “I am a jelly roll.”

21.  The Johnson Technique.  Marry someone with a fun-sounding name.

22.  The Eisenhower Technique.  Effective only with people in their 80s and older.