New Joke Contest — Foreign Phrases

The theme for this month’s contest, Foreign Phrases, was inspired by Sol Morrison from Santa Barbara.

The challenge is to take a well-known foreign phrase, which is probably a cliche, and twist it to make it funny.  Your new phrase might tweak the first part of the phrase, or the last part of the phrase, or both the first and last parts of the phrase. 

For starters it’s important to know how the foreign phrase is pronounced.  For example FAUX PAS, which means “a mistake, or a mis-step,” is pronounced FOE PAW.

Your twisted version probably has a rhyming or sound-alike word.  It also is likely to keep the rhythm or flow of the original phrase.

Here are some examples:

faux pas
no pas        unable to move
dough pa     a sugar daddy

Deja vu
Deja boo      The state of people exiting a haunted house.
Asia vu    The feeling that you’ve already been to Asia.

Je ne sais quoi
Je ne sais ma        I don’t know who my mother is.

Mi casa es su casa
Me papa es su papa    We have the same father.

You’re not limited to these four phrases.

Put on your humor hat and see what you can come up with.  Submit your best three captions for review by our panel of judges.  You may submit additional lines which will be eligible for Honorable Mention.  Submit your entries by December 15, 2011 by email to