A Positive Perpective

Seven years ago I was bothered by barking dogs.  My neighbors on BOTH sides had dogs that barked every time I stepped into my own backyard.  They barked if a car pulled up in front of the house.  They barked for almost any reason.

It took some time, but I eventually came up with a perspective which allowed me to overlook the barking:  If prowlers were checking out my backyard, the dogs would bark.  The last thing prowlers would want is something announcing their presence.  At night, if the dogs were not barking, my backyard was secure.  Free guard dogs!  They were part of my security system…and I didn’t have to feed them, care for them, or take them on walks.  With my new perspective, I was rarely bothered by the barking.

Now I’m looking for a positive perspective on the neighbor’s cat that poops in my garden.  The thought of free fertalizer doesn’t do the trick.