One Hundred Contests

We quietly passed a milestone a couple of months ago.  In March, 2012, we featured Contest Number 103.  Contests would be rather dull without the participation of our readers.  Many thanks to the thousands of readers who have submitted joke lines and cartoon captions over the years.

Participating in the contests is like going to the gym.  Writing funny lines helps strengthen your creativity and makes it more likely you’ll be able to uncover a humor gem in your next speech.

Congratulations to our contest leaders.

WIN — Those with the most First-Place recognitions (NINE each):
Gary Bachman
Marty Bernstein

WIN PLACE SHOW — Those who have Placed either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd:

PLACED TWENTY or more times:
Les Harden
Nancy Lininger (our leader who has placed 25 times)
Tom Nee

PLACED FIVE or more times:
Gary Bachman
Marty Bernstein
Gerald Fleischmann
Sol Morrison
Arun Ramkumar
Jim Spero
Cindy Tebo
Darin Thompson
Terry Wall

110 Readers from eleven countries

Thanks to all for spreading laughter around the world.  Your participation is what makes the contest a winner for everyone!