Observational Humor — Case Study #80

Here is another Observational Humor monologue presented at the end of a meeting:

THE SETUP (What was said and what happened during the meeting before the monologue was presented.)

1.  I was introduced by the General Evaluator.

2.  While delivering impromptu speech topics, two members role-played as Superman and Batman.

3.  In his speech, Scott named two mentors.  Bill was one.  I was one.  He said that Bill was tough on him.

4.  I’m normally casually dressed when I attend meetings.  That night, Ryan was very casually dressed…shorts, TShirt, sandals.

5.  A speaker talked about family names and what a translation of a family name said about a person’s ancestors.

6.  Greg gave a humorous speech about relationships.  He talked about his wife and ex-wives.  He talked about meeting a woman who had features he was not normally attracted to.  He talked about meeting a woman with a deep voice.


Mr General Evaluator, Superman, Batman…I am the Joker…and it’s time for Observational Humor.
(As the assigned leader of Observational Humor for the meeting, it allowed me to do a couple of character call-backs and link it to a character for myself, the Joker, which fit my role as Observational Humor Master.  It served as a good transition to the humor part of our meeting.)

Scott…hit the floor for 50 push-ups.  And you thought Bill was tough on you.
(Role reversal placed me as the tough mentor.  Good laugh.)

I’d like to thank Ryan for making me feel over-dressed.
(Almost a running gag.  I’m frequently doing self-deprecation at the informal way I dress.  So it was a reversal pointing out that Ryan was more casually dressed than I was.  From a humor standpoint, it was a double-plus that he was our club President and that he was well liked.  You normally have more permission to poke fun at authority figures.  And roast-like lines play best when directed at popular people.)

My family name suggests that my ancestors were Kind.
(Weakest line of the monologue.)

I met an attractive woman at the store today:
  – She was short.  I’m normally attracted to tall women.
  – She was a brunette.  I’m normally attracted to red heads.
  – She had a deep voice.  I’m not normally attracted to Greg’s wives.
(Very strong closing line using the Rule-of-Three.  When Greg mentioned the deep-voiced woman he got a big laugh, so that provided a trigger for my joke suggesting that he married deep-voiced women.  Very big laugh.)