The Phat Pack — A Review

Las Vegas.  What a great place to live.  The best in entertainment.  Yesterday I saw the Phat Pack’s Premier Concert to a sold-out house.  It was as good as anything Las Vegas has to offer.  First, let me point out, The Phat Pack is not a tribute to the Rat Pack.  And they’re not fat.  The show features fabulous music and excellent humor.  The members of the group (Ted Keegan, Randal Keith, Bruce Ewing and Joey Singer) come from musical theater backgrounds; Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, Forever Plaid…to mention a few.  Watch for future engagements.  You won’t be disappointed.

Here are a few quick lessons-learned from the performance:

1.  Overnight success is the result of decades of preparation.

2.  The power of stories.  Each performer had a segment where they told us how they became musical-theater stars.  Entertaining, engaging and inspiring.  When you take the stage as a speaker or performer, the audience wants to know the “real you.”  Telling your story helps you bond with the audience.

3.  The power of photos.  They used a lot of family photographs,  demonstrating how much more powerful it is to SHOW the audience something than to just TELL them.  It will motivate me to schedule time to sort through the many photos I have of my childhood and early career.  It will add a deeper dimension to my talks.

4.  Great visual and verbal humor throughout the show.  To fully appreciate it, you’ll have to catch one of their shows.  Let me share something that their introducer used as he warmed up the audience:

The show was staged at one of the largest churches in Las Vegas.  The introducer told us that, at the end of the show, there would be baskets at the exits for free-will donations.  He said something like:  “If you enjoy the show, we would appreciate any donations.  If you went to a movie today, you’d probably spend eight dollars.  If one of the performers hits an impressive high note, you might think that it was worth $1.50.  An amazing low note is worth maybe $2.50.  Keep a running tab.  And at the end of the show, drop it into the basket.”  Laughter.

I share that example with you because it not only got a good laugh,  it also received a big round of applause.  The power of humor: Ask people for money and they applaud you!  Humor not only entertains, it also inspires and motivates people to do what you ask.

Watch for The Phat Pack show at a venue near you.  Don’t miss it.