Cartoon Caption Contest Results

It’s time for the results of our September Cartoon Caption Contest.  We feature the artwork of professional cartoonist Dan Rosandich.  The top lines were selected by our panel of ten judges (speakers and improv players).

New Cartoon Caption Contests are announced at the start of the month(alternating months).

New Joke Contests are announced at the start of the month (alternating months).   The next Joke Contest is October 1, 2012.

Here are the top captions for this month’s contest:


I got my bluetooth before I got my first tooth.
     Gerald Fleischmann, Fountain Valley, California


To me, Oldies are anything made before yesterday.
     Scott Tredwell, Advance, North Carolina


Listening to this makes me feel like a kid again!
     Andrew Jones, Utah

HONORABLE MENTION (in random order)

  – It’s not the kind of download I’m used to.
  – I love that “Shake it up Baby” line in Twist & Shout.
  – The return of the baby boomers.
  – Recent studies have shown that 9/10 toddlers know how to operate the iPod better than their teenage counterparts.
  – I’m on the wait list for the iPhone 5.
  – Oh, well no wonder, you said sick it in your ear!
  – And my Junior Model comes with a Teething Ring when I use the Blue Tooth.
  – The difference between you and me sis is that you grew up with iPod touch while I was born with mine.
  – This has changed my entire outlook on life.
  – Na Na Na, Nana Na Na, Nana Na Na…
  – You realize, of course, that I can never go back to the life I once knew.
  – And that is how you create custom song mixes.
  – I’m just goo goo over Lady Gaga.
  – iPeed on my iPod; does this invalidate the warranty?
  – I never before saw a baby who could line dance before he could stand!
  – Mom said I was too old for a pacifier.
  – Baby Love, my Baby Love, I need you, Oh how I need you.
  – I like loud songs with a beat.  I call them baby boomers.
  – I told you that my investing podcast said that Facebook shares were overvalued.
  – As long as I’m listening to this, I don’t have to take a bath.
  – I remember way back when mama used to sing me to sleep with this song. I think the last time was three hours ago.
  – Here is what’s loaded on mine: Baby Rascals, Baby Professionals, Baby Einstein, Babyface, Rockabye Baby, Baby Bash, Youngbloods and Caspar Baby Pants. What’s on yours?
  – Mom and Dad just bought me an iPoo.
  – Let’s play grownups, and use these ipods so we don’t have to talk to each other.
  – Mom’s listening to a weird book called Fifty Shades of Grey.  What about Dad?
  – I can’t get enough of the Goo Goo Dolls.

Visit cartoonist Dan Rosandich who has an extensive and in-depth archive of categorized cartoons and cartoon pictures available for licensing at negotiable fees.