Humor Teleconference

We Can Make a Funnier You!

A live teleconference.
Featuring three top humor experts.
Tim Gard, CSP, CPAE,
Mark Mayfield, CSP, CPAE,
George Campbell, CSP, CPAE

Tuesday, October 9, at 7:00 pm EST.

There’s not a presentation that can’t be made better with a little (or a lot) more humor. It engages the audience, makes the material memorable, thrills the meeting planner, and propels your presentation to the best marketing tool you have.

But just how does one funny-up one’s presentation? What if you get titters but want guffaws? Or maybe you present serious content–how can you add humor to that without taking away from the depth of your knowledge?

Tim, George and Mark are hilarious and seasoned veterans of the stage, but more importantly can teach you how to “do funny.” This is a side-splitting teleseminar wrapped around the fundamentals of comedy writing and performing.  It’s not just a bunch of funny stories from these guys,  it’s hands-on exercises and information not taught anywhere else. Absolutely nobody has broken down comedy writing and performing like them, and regardless of your comedic level, you’ll benefit from this innovative material.

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Highly recommended.
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